Training Courses

Really Connect has been selected by LinkedIn as the second training agency in the world as a Certified LinkedIn Training Partner. The first was Networking Coach, which merged with Really Connect.

LinkedIn training workshop

This is a short overview of our standard LinkedIn Live sessions. They can be tailored to your needs: audience, topics, target group, format (classroom/webinar; hands-on or not), etc.

The content of these formats is adapted to the audience. There are differences when it comes to a LinkedIn training course for:

  • Account managers, business developers, owners of companies and everybody else who has a (partial) sales profile
  • Recruiters and HR Professionals
  • Marketing managers
  • Hiring Managers
  • People who are looking for a first or new job (whether via outplacement or not)
  • Students
  • Project managers
  • Members of a referral or network club
  • Directors of a professional or trade organisation

Besides these standard formats Networking Coach also offers tailor made LinkedIn, networking and referral training courses.

Look at the calendar for the next public courses and webinars or contact us to see which content and format suits your situation best.


(*): Really Connect is certified for the KMO Portefeuille. Flemish companies can receive approx. 40% subsidies from the Flemish government.