Corporate Program

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At Networking Coach we are often asked specific questions about networking, referrals and of course, LinkedIn. Our experience teaches us that most organizations experience a number of similar situations and even have the same challenges.

Sales (Managers):

  • Cold calls: my people do NOT like it! And it is also not very efficient (Sandler Sales Institute: 1%)
  • We know there is potential in our network, but how do we tap into it to attract new customers?
  • How can we use LinkedIn to find new customers?
  • We are going a lot to receptions, business events and mixers, but we don’t get a lot out of it.
  • At an event, my team is always standing together and talking to each other instead of talking to existing and potential customers.
  • Which customers could we best ask referrals (introductions)?
  • How to ask an existing customer to introduce us to other departments?
  • How fast can we get insights in the DMU (Decision Making Unit) of prospects or other departments at existing customers?


  • We are not finding the right people. Couldn’t we better start using LinkedIn?
  • Our internal referral programs to attract new employees through the network of our existing employees are sometimes working (slightly), but we know there is a lot more potential.
  • How to use the power of the network of our colleagues to attract new employees?


  • How can we use social media, and especially LinkedIn for improving our branding, more visibility and more credibility?
  • How can we facilitate our colleagues to respectfully use our branding when networking (online)?
  • How to get more people at our own events?
  • How to get the right people at our own events?


  • How can we use social media and especially LinkedIn to increase our efficiency at corporate level?
  • How can we use LinkedIn to find the right expertise internally, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel again?

We have experienced that more and more organizations feel the need to embed online/offline networking in their core strategy at the top level. In the past we were mainly hired by sales and recruiting teams, nowadays we experience the shift towards requests from CEO's to help them on an organisation wide level.

As a response to this increasing need, we have developed a corporate program, based on the LinkedIn Strategy Matrix© for Organizations, that offers a complete answer to all above challenges through a mix of strategic/tactic consulting, awareness sessions, short workshops, in-depth training courses and online learning.

What that mix looks like and how many sessions are organized depends on the needs of the organization.

These are the most popular topics:

  • How to find new customers using LinkedIn
  • How to find new employees via LinkedIn
  • How to create an attractive LinkedIn Profile (using the LinkedIn Profile Matrix©)
  • How to increase visitbility on LinkedIn as an individual on the one hand (personal branding) and as an organization on the other hand (company branding)
  • How to raise the "Employer Brand" via LinkedIn
  • How to implement the LinkedIn Strategy Matrix© for Organizations


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