Find New Customers with LinkedIn

LinkedIn training workshop

LinkedIn is a great tool to attract and find new customers, but only if you combine passive, active ànd proactive strategies.


For Whom (or Who Will Benefit)

Account Managers, Sales Managers, Entrepreneurs, Business Developers, Freelancers and all others involved in the commercial process of an organization.



At the end of the training you will have learned the following:

  • What LinkedIn is (and what it is not)
  • How to achieve results with LinkedIn
  • How to craft an attractive personal and company profile (personal & company branding)
  • How to showcase your products and services
  • How to build your network (fast)
  • How to turn your personal and company profile into a lead generation tool to attract new customers
  • 10 ways to use LinkedIn to find new customers



There are two formats of this workshop:

  • One day hands-on workshop. This workshop is a mix of a theoretical framework, live examples and immediate implementation on your own computer (that you have to bring to the workshop).
  • Half day workshop. This workshop is a mix of a theoretical framework and live examples. You take notes during the workshop and implement the tips later at home or at the office.

In both formats there is a 10 week e-course follow up including a checklist (the checklist can also be used as a coaching tool).


Prerequisites For Following The Training

You already have a LinkedIn Account and have set up a Profile. If that is not the case yet, please watch the free recording of the LinkedIn Fundamentals webinar, found on our website in the “Video & Tools Library”.



This is the content of the full day hands-on workshop. Below you can find the program for both the full day and half day workshop in PDF format.


LinkedIn Foundation (Morning)




  • Why are so many people wondering what to do with LinkedIn?
  • What is LinkedIn (and what is it not)?
  • How might Linked be of help, and what to expect, or not, from LinkedIn?
  • LinkedIn Strategy Matrix© for Organizations: short overview
  • 3 fundamental principles of (online) networking without which no results would be achieved with LinkedIn


  • 5 step basic strategy to be successful with LinkedIn (e.g. finding new customers, employees, suppliers, partners, investors or experts or a new job)
  • What is the one tool, outside of LinkedIn, to receive more introductions to the people you want to reach?

Personal LinkedIn Profile

  • LinkedIn Profile Matrix©: short overview
  • 15 top tips to craft an attractive personal Profile and in this way improve your Company and Personal Branding and enhance your visibility.

Expanding Your Network

  • How to build your LinkedIn Network (fast)?
  • How to rapidly extend your network effectively and efficiently with the right professional contacts?
  • How to deal with sending/receiving invitations


  • Difference between a free and a premium account
  • Why personal Recommendations often backfire

Throughout The Training

  • 5 Do's and don'ts
  • Questions and Answers

Find New Customers via LinkedIn (Afternoon)


The G.A.I.N. Excercise© for achieving better results in finding customers via your online and offline network.

Passive Strategies to attract prospects

  • LinkedIn Profile Matrix©: short overview
  • Why it is important for every employee to have an attractive profile (especially the CEO, hiring managers, sales people, recruiters, but also all other staff and employees) to attract new customers?
  • What are “Company” profiles and how to use them to your advantage to showcase your products and services?
  • 5 extra tips regarding your personal LinkedIn Profile to attract new customers
  • How to turn your personal LinkedIn Profile into a lead generation tool to attract even more customers.
  • How to turn the Company LinkedIn Profile into a lead generation tool to attract more customers.

Active Strategies to get in touch with new customers and to stay top of mind with existing ones

  • Status Updates on LinkedIn: what and by whom?
  • What are the right Groups to join and why is it imperative to be active in those Groups?
  • 5 ways to find the right Groups for you.
  • Extra tips on how to use “Groups” in favor of your company and personal branding on the one hand and to attract customers on the other.
  • When (not) to create “Groups”?

Proactive Strategies to find new customers

  • 10 ways to find new customers via LinkedIn


  • 3 free tools LinkedIn offers to work faster and easily share content.
  • Extra free tools that allow you to work faster with LinkedIn.

Throughout the Session

  • 5 little known, but important features of LinkedIn that can make or break your network activities.
  • Questions and Answers


You can download the descriptions in PDF format:


Results Guaranteed

  1. If you haven’t recouped your participation fee within 6 months of the training, we refund it. No questions asked. We believe you on your word, if you are the exception for whom the training did not deliver any results.
  2. Because of the follow up program by email during 10 weeks, you will receive extra help to achieve your desired results!


Dates & Registration

For dates and a registration form, look at the “Calendar” page.


No Time or Budget …

But you still want to get started?

The best alternative to this training are the “LinkedIn Steps to Success Webinars” or the “LinkedIn Dive in Deep Packages”.




A Larger Team – In-company workshops

When several people within your organization are interested in this training, it usually is more interesting to organize an in-company training session, tailored to your situation and needs.

Contact us to discuss the options.