Live Training

Are you interested to have Mike Clark, Bert Verdonck or someone from our team at Really Connect explain how to REALLY use LinkedIn to your organisation in a presentation, training, workshop, webinar or a complete corporate program (see above for a short movie clip, click the arrows to watch it full screen)?

These are the most popular topics:

  • How to find new customers using LinkedIn
  • How to find new employees via LinkedIn
  • How to create an attractive LinkedIn Profile (using the LinkedIn Profile Matrix©)
  • How to increase visitbility on LinkedIn as an individual on the one hand (personal branding) and as an organization on the other hand (company branding)
  • How to raise the “Employer Brand” via LinkedIn
  • How to implement the LinkedIn Strategy Matrix© for Organizations

Most of our workshops and training courses are held in-house, after we developed the program together with our customers, but we do offer some open LinkedIn Live sessions once in a while.

These are the formats we currently have in our public seminar offering:

Look at the calendar for the next public courses and webinars or contact us to see which content and format suits your situation best.


(*): Really Connect is certified for the KMO Portefeuille. Flemish companies can receive approx. 40% subsidies from the Flemish government.