Search in the Network of Your Network

by Jan & Bert

Everyone wants to grow his or her network. With the new LinkedIn Profile, a highly effective way of finding people is available now! We’ve been waiting for years for it and finally it is here: “Searching in the network of your network”


How does it work?

You probably have heard of this fundamental networking principle: “It is always better to be introduced than to introduce yourself.” Therefore, we suggest you discover the improved way of “Browsing Your Network”. You go to the profile of someone in your network that you know very well. In other words, someone you can call to ask for an introduction.


Browse his or her profile and scroll down until you see the Connections. Until recently, you could only browse in the connections of your first-degree connections, but now it is also possible to search. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can now search for specific functions (e.g. HR manager), or with any keyword (e.g. export), any abbreviation (e.g. FMCG) or any other words you want.



The next step is to select 1, 2 or 3 people you want to be introduced to from this list. Call your connection to ask how well he or she knows any of these 3 people. If they do know them well enough, you could ask to be introduced to them (with or without a Magic Mail). That’s how easy it really is to use LinkedIn 😉


To your success,


Jan & Bert


PS: Of course, this strategy only works if people in your first-degree have opened their network to you. More than 90% do so by default!

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