LinkedIn available in Dutch and Czech!

by Jan & Bert

From today on LinkedIn is available in Dutch and Czech! For people living in Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic this could actually be the tipping point for how to REALLY use LinkedIn. How do you change the language on LinkedIn? And are there any other consequences? We have been waiting for it, but it’s been worthwhile! LinkedIn is now available in 2 extra languages : Dutch and Czech. There are 2 ways to adapt your language settings in LinkedIn: Where to find Settings on LinkedIn? At the top right corner, click on your name.1. The first one is via your Settings. Click at the top right of any page on your own name and choose the first element (Settings) in the dropdownbox that appears. LinkedIn will ask you to login again. This is a security measure to prevent others from changing your settings while you are away from your computer. What you are seeing next is the overview page of your settings. Choose “Account” at the bottom on the left. Click on the link “Select Your Language”. In the popup, now click on one of the official LinkedIn languages you want. From now on your LinkedIn interface is in this language. Congratulations! At the bottom of every LinkedIn page you find a link "Language". Click on it and choose the language you want!2. The second one is a shortcut! At the bottom of every page you find a link “Language”. When you click it, a menu appears. Just click on the language of your choice. Easy, right? Now that LinkedIn is available in Dutch and Czech, it has consequences. The first and probably the most important one (if you are from Belgium, the Netherlands or the Czech Republic), is to create your profile also in your native tongue. How to do this? You choose “Edit Profile” under “Profile” in the topmenu. Edit Profile, top right, choose "Create a profile in another language"At the top right you will see a link “Create your profile in another language”. Click on it and start filling out your complete profile in the language of your choice. LinkedIn makes it easy for you by copying a number of elements from your first profile. Do yourself a favor and copy everything from your other profile. This way, you will make sure that both languages are completely similar. This is important because you never know in what language visitors of your profile will arrive. And if you are like most of us, you want to make a great first impression, right? Another consequence is that it will probably take a while for everyone to create their Dutch or Czech profile. So, go easy on others if they haven’t created or updated their profile yet. It might be that they don’t know about the fact that LinkedIn is now available in these languages. Even fewer people know that if you have Dutch as your primary language, that you will see the profiles of others in Dutch first (if they have it). However, it fits perfectly well in the “give and receive” attitude to inform others of the fact that Dutch and Czech are now official languages on LinkedIn. You can even point them to this article on how to make the changes, if you want. On top of that, everyone can receive the full version book “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” for free!    

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