How To Find Anyone?

by Jan & Bert

Do you actually know how to find anyone? Sure, we talked about how to find the right people on LinkedIn in a previous blog. But how do you actually get to know the name of the people in the 3rd degree?

Most people only see the first name and the first letter of the last name.


Here is a smart, little trick in 5 steps to actually find out a person’s full name:

  1. You open a new tab (Ctrl + T or CMD + T in most browsers) and go to Google.
  2. You type in the search bar the first name and first letter of his/her last name.
  3. You copy and paste the professional headline in the search bar as well.


  4. Look for LinkedIn links in the search results.
  5. Compare the link(s) with the original profile, to make sure you have found the same person.


Now you know this person’s full name! On top of that, you can also connect with him/her straight away. Why? In the first search you did not know the name. Via Google, you do know the full name. So, LinkedIn thinks that when you know a person’s name you might actually know this person and therefor get the opportunity to connect with them straight away.


To your success,

Jan & Bert


PS: If you find this workaround too much trouble, of course, you can always upgrade your LinkedIn account.

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