5 Tips for Creating Your Event on LinkedIn

by Jan & Bert

Are you organizing an event? Are you already using LinkedIn to promote your events? You don’t know how?

Here are 5 tips to get you started!


LinkedIn has created a number of features to help event organizers, marketers and professionals to promote their events. With the LinkedIn Events Tool (under the Applications menu) members can sign up to attend local or industry-related events, start to network with other participants and promote their event through their profiles and networks.


Here are 5 Tips for Creating Your LinkedIn Event:


#1: Upload an event logo

Almost none of the events on LinkedIn include a logo. This causes all of the events to look the same! It’s important to stand out, especially in the search results. So, upload an event logo to differentiate yourself.



#2: Choose a creative event title

What would excite your potential attendees? How will your event serve them? Choose a creative event title. Again, think about how you would stand out in the search results. What is teasing or attractive enough for them to want to know more about your event? Why would potential attendees pick yours?


#3: Create a clear, concise event description with a direct call to action

Some events have an exhaustive description, making it long and hard to read. Focus on a clear, concise event description and extend it with the necessary details (date, time, location, price, labels…). If they want more, link them to your (event) website. Before sending them on however, make sure they click on “I’m Attending”, so their network is informed too. It is about attracting others as well, right? A direct call to action is the way to keep them involved and a single click is probably the easiest step.


#4: Redirect to your (event) website

When setting up your event, you will be asked to enter the URL where attendees can sign up. Using a dedicated event site or even an event registration tool such as Eventbrite or Go to Meeting  (virtual events) will allow you to better manage your attendees’ information and enable you to communicate with them via email. Did they sign up for your newsletter when registering? Make sure you suggest it to them, right there!


#5: Regular updates

Regular updates to your event show that you are dedicated. So, every once in a while, update your event with extra details, number of participants, deviations on the road, etc. Not only will you be reminding your own network, but participants will see this too.




Also use your status updates to keep your network in the loop. Post status updates frequently, so people can see you are serious about your event.


To Your Success!

Jan & Bert


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