6 Ways How LinkedIn Groups Can Benefit Event Organizers, Meeting Planners and Association Managers

by Jan & Bert

Many (professional) organisations have a hard time to keep their organisation interesting enough for their members and are also continuously looking to attract new members.

Starting your own LinkedIn Group can both add to the value of the membership and attract more members in many ways:

1. An online presence next to events will help members to keep in touch between meetings.

2. Members who can’t attend many meetings will still be able to contact each other.

3. The LinkedIn Group is an extra platform to help each other and to discuss trends.

4. Some potential members might have never heard of your organisation. They can get in touch with you and become a member of your organisation after finding the LinkedIn Group.

5. It is a good and free alternative to a forum on your own website.

Many organisations have a hard time building a successful community because they don’t have a critical mass of people who participate in discussions. As a result people won’t visit the forum anymore, the negative spiral continues and they also hardly ever visit the website anymore. Since people use LinkedIn also to connect with other people and to build their network with other people than the members of your organisation they keep using LinkedIn and once in a while visit the LinkedIn Group. You can even add the Groups functionality into your own website thanks to the LinkedIn API !

6. Free membership of the LinkedIn Group might generate interest in a (paid) membership and in attending events.

However it is crucial to think this through before you start!

That's why we have dedicated a whole new chapter to Group Managers in the second, totally revised edition of "How to REALLY use LinkedIn". It is called "Chapter 12: The Heroes of LinkedIn: Group Managers." You can download the book for free.

To your success !

Jan and Bert

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