13 Ways How LinkedIn Can Help When Looking For A New Job

by Jan & Bert

If you are looking for your first job or you want to change jobs, these are the benefits LinkedIn can bring you:

1. Identifying the right people at a potential employer (finding their profile).
2. Receiving introductions or referrals to potential employers (via the introductions tool or outside LinkedIn via a Magic Mail).
3. Discovering the relationships between potential employers and your own network (see the connections in their profiles).
4. Discovering information about recruiters or other people at the organisation you would like to work for, which makes the conversations online and offline easier (reading their profile).
5. Maintaining relationships with recruiters or other people at the organisation you would like to work for (Personal contacts, Discussions in Groups and answering questions in Answers).
6. Visibility and Personal Branding (your profile not only on LinkedIn, but also in the Search Engines like Google, contributions in Answers and in Discussions).
7. Make yourself be perceived as an expert (contributions in Answers and in Discussions and Expert points).
8. Word of mouth publicity (receiving recommendations and people talking about you in Discussions, mention you as the expert in Answers or talking about you outside of LinkedIn).
9. Receiving recommendations which are visible to potential employers (recommendations written by other people which can’t be modified by you which makes them stronger).
10. Finding the right groups and organisations to be member of, both online and offline (via the profiles of people from your network).
11. Picking up trends in the marketplace (Discussions in the groups of your potential employers and in the groups of your peers).
12. Getting notifications when someone changes jobs, this is a trigger to contact them to see if you can work for them in the new organisation and to get introduced to the person who will replace them in their previous function (network updates).
13. LinkedIn has also some extra tools when you are looking for a new job like the Jobs section or Job Insider.

To your success !

Jan and Bert

PS: an overview of passive, active and proactive strategies you can use to find a new job, can be found in "Chapter 15: How to REALLY use LinkedIn to Find a New Job" of the book "How to REALLY use LinkedIn". You can download it for FREE!

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