LinkedIn Tip: How to Add Your Blog in Your LinkedIn Profile

by Jan & Bert

You probably heard about the leverage factor of blogs when combining them with LinkedIn, right?

Still, a lot of people are asking us:
How do I add a blog to my LinkedIn Profile?

There are two Applications you can use: the WordPress application and the Bloglink application.

WordPress Application (use this one if you have a WordPress blog):
1) Add the WordPress Application to your personal LinkedIn Profile
2) In the WordPress Application: add the URL of your blog.

Bloglink Application (use this one for all blogs but WordPress):
1) Add your blog to “Websites” in your personal LinkedIn Profile
2) Add the Bloglink Application to your personal LinkedIn Profile (it will automatically look for your blog in “websites” in your Profile)

How does it work?

Every time a blog post appears on the original blog, your LinkedIn Profile is automatically updated.

Remark: if you have a personal blog and also want to show the company blog, you might want to use the WordPress application for one blog and the Bloglink application for the other one. In this way both are shown on your personal Profile.

To your success !

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