LinkedIn Profile Tips for People Who Are NOT in Sales, Marketing or Recruiting and Who Are NOT Looking for a Job

by Jan & Bert

This tip is part of our LinkedIn Profile tips series. For an overview of all 9 different situations and profiles we discuss, read the article LinkedIn Profile versus Resume.

This article contains tips for People who don’t own a business, who are not a CEO or Hiring Manager, who are NOT in Sales, Marketing or Recruiting and who are NOT looking for a job. In other words, the majority of the professional workforce ☺

Remark: the basis for these suggestions are the tips from "Chapter 4: How to Craft an Attractive Profile" of the book "How to REALLY use LinkedIn" (free download). So look at that chapter for more details about the tips below.


a.    Goal of your personal LinkedIn Profile.

Your personal LinkedIn Profile should be focused on giving people more insights in your personal expertise, on the one hand (so people inside and outside your organization can find you when they need your expertise), and on providing potential customers and employees more insights in the expertise of your organization, on the other hand.


b.    Which elements to use in your personal LinkedIn Profile:


i.    Websites (use “other” to write your own description):

1.    Home Page of the organization’s website

2.    Page or website with job openings

3.    “Free” page: foundation, supported charity, personal blog, professional or trade organization you are a (board) member of, etc.


ii.    Summary:

1.    Part 1 about company branding: what does the organization stand for?

2.    Part 2 about personal branding: your role and responsibilities

3.    Part 3 about yourself: here you can add some personal interests to show you're a human being (this goes beyond your professional life)


iii.    Expertise: more details about your current organization, products/services and your role


iv.    Sections: use the different sections to show your background and expertise. These are but a few of them: skills, languages, projects, publications, volunteer work, etc.


v.    Applications:

1.    SlideShare for presentations including tips that can help people (sharing both your personal and your organization’s expertise) or including current job openings

2.    Behance Portfolio for video clips with tips that can help people and with testimonials from colleagues about what working in your organization is all about

3. for fact sheets about the organization and tips (sharing your personal and organization’s expertise)


vi.    Additional Information: Interests: Besides what you have inserted in Part 3 of your Summary, add more (personal) interests here.


As you can see, there are quite some elements to update your profile.  If you want more, you can find more than 40 tips on creating an attractive profile in the book.

And also remember: it is always about building the Know, Like and Trust factor first before "selling" yourself or your organisation.


To your success !

Jan and Bert

PS: more tips about creating an attractive profile can be found in "Chapter 4: How to Craft an Attractive Profile" of the book "How to REALLY use LinkedIn". You can download it for FREE!

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