How To Create An Attractive LinkedIn Profile By Using Video

by Jan & Bert

Many people want to make their LinkedIn Profile stand out.

A good way to do that is using video. Although LinkedIn doesn’t give you the choice to upload your own video to your Profile, there is a work around.

How? By using the application “Behance Creative Portfolio Display”.


These are the steps to take:

1. Make a SHORT video

2. Upload it to YouTube or Vimeo

3. Log in to LinkedIn and choose “More/Get More Applications”

4. Find the “Portfolio Display” application and click on it

5. At the bottom click “Add Application”

6. Create a free profile on the website

7. Create a new project

8. Specify a title, upload a cover page and press “save”

9. Embed your YouTube or Vimeo video and press “save”

10. Done!


If the video is not showing on your LinkedIn Profile, make sure via the “Portfolio Display” application on LinkedIn that:
a. You have connected your LinkedIn account with your account
b. You have ticked the box that this project should be displayed on your LinkedIn Profile (via the Portfolio Manager screen)


A word of caution regarding the content: only use videos (or slideshows or documents) to share tips and help people. Do not put any marketing material on your Profile. Get people to “know, like and trust” you first by sharing and helping.

This also applies to job-seekers. In your video, share some tips regarding your expertise. This will give insights to potential employers on how valuable you can be for them. It also shows how proactive and creative you are since almost nobody uses video in his/her LinkedIn Profile.


Other applications for video: you can also use other applications, but we do not recommend them for the following reasons:
SlideShare: you lose the possibility to share presentations. you can only use .flv files, also the presentation is not visually attractive.


Remark: no matter which application you use, people will only be able to see it when they are logged in to LinkedIn. In other words, if someone finds your LinkedIn Profile via Google, unless he/she has clicked through and is logged in, he/she can’t see the video (or other applications). Luckily most people that will look for you or find you in this way, already have a LinkedIn Profile.


To your success!

Jan and Bert

PS: more tips about creating an attractive profile can be found in "Chapter 4: How to Craft an Attractive Profile" of the book "How to REALLY use LinkedIn". You can download it for FREE!

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