Your Professional Headline on LinkedIn Becomes Even More Important

by Jan & Bert

In the book "How to REALLY use LinkedIn" we already dedicated a whole chapter about having an attractive personal LinkedIn Profile.

One of the most overlooked parts is the Professional Headline (the sentence below your name and picture).

It is kind of a teaser to invite people to read the rest of your Profile.

Since yesterday this part became even more important for your personal branding.

It was already important for:
Standing out in search results: when people need to choose between 100,000 profiles from their search results, they will only pick the ones that have an interesting Professional Headline.
Getting click throughs to your Profile after contributing in a Group Discussion: when you have written something interesting in a Discussion, but don't have an appealing Professional Headline, people will not click on it.

Now it is also even more important for your personal (and company) branding.


Since yesterday LinkedIn shows the Professional Headline when people connect with each other.

In other words: when you connect with someone, your name and Professional Headline is shown in the updates of their network.

If you expand your network with your goal in mind (use the G.A.I.N. exercise© from "How to REALLY use LinkedIn), then you could become way more visible to potential customers, employees, employers, partners, experts and other people who can help you reach your professional goals.

People tend to connect to their peers and to people who work for the same organisation. When you connect with them, you get visibility to their peers and colleagues!

Remark: by default LinkedIn uses the last job title as your Professional Headline. Please change this and make it as attractive as possible so people will get interested in reading the rest of your Profile !

To your success !

PS: more tips about how to create an attractive LinkedIn Profile can be found in "Chapter 4: How To Create An Attractive Profile" of the book "How to REALLY use LinkedIn". You can download it for FREE!

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