LinkedIn Myth: Not Everybody Has a Profile so It Doesn’t Work For Me

by Jan & Bert

A comment we hear often hear in our presentations and workshops is: “Not every person or every function is on LinkedIn. I can’t always find the right person. LinkedIn doesn’t work for me.”

It is right that not everybody is a member of LinkedIn. But the network is growing VERY fast. There are two new members signing up per second! So maybe the person you are looking for was not on LinkedIn yesterday, but signed up today.

Let’s also look at it from another perspective: a few years ago, when LinkedIn didn’t exist, it was almost impossible to find the connections between people. Or it cost lots of time. Now LinkedIn makes it a lot easier. And if you don’t find the person you are looking for, what keeps you from doing it “the old way”?

We repeat what we wrote before. Despite the fact that not every person is on LinkedIn, it is an excellent website for business networking. What we see in practice is that the majority of organizations are represented on LinkedIn (In the USA, all of the Fortune 500 companies have an executive level presence). Maybe you won’t find the Marketing Manager of a company, but you might find the IT Manager. The Marketing Manager is only one step away from him. OK, it is some extra effort, but still lots easier than before LinkedIn existed.

To your success !

PS: to find more “myths” read chapter 20: “Little Known, But Interesting Features and Behavior of LinkedIn” from the second edition of the book “How to REALLY use LinkedIn”. You can download it for FREE.

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