How You Can Use LinkedIn Polls

by Jan & Bert

LinkedIn Polls is one of those features in LinkedIn that is not used that often.

Probably because most people don't know how they can use them.

Polls can benefit you in several ways:

1.    Get useful input from your own connections for yourself.

2.    Get useful input from your own connections to use in an article.

3.    Increase your “Know” factor (see the Fundamental Principles of Networking in How to REALLY use LinkedIn) among your own connections.

4.    Increase your “Know” factor with people you want to reach (for example, new customers or new employees). This can be done in two ways:
a) By paying—which allows you to select specific functions or roles and consequently access to people whom you don’t know yet.
b) By asking your first-degree connections to invite their network to participate as well

If you use this application, our advice is to create something with the results. Write a blog post, a short article, or create a SlideShare presentation. Then, share your project with your network and the people who responded by sending them the link and showing it in your Profile.

To your success !

Jan and Bert

PS: tips on how to use LinkedIn Applications can be found in "Chapter 9: Lead Generation Tools & Visibility Boosters: Applications" of the book "How to REALLY use LinkedIn". You can download it for FREE!

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