How to use LinkedIn’s “Who’s viewed my Profile” to your advantage?

by Jan & Bert

After our post of a few weeks ago about the confusion of many people concerning the “Who’s viewed my Profile” function of LinkedIn, people asked us: why would I want to change my settings?

Not everybody will want to do that. It also depends on your goals and your function in an organization.

But if you are looking for new customers I suggest you choose the setting "Your name and headline" and not "Anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title" or "You will be totally anonymous."


If you have visited a potential customer’s Profile, they see who you are and if your Profile is interesting enough, they might contact you.

This is the opposite of cold calling (or cold messaging) and as a consequence works so much better!

Of course this will only happen once in a while (so don’t set your expectations to high), but it only costs you a few seconds to change it and no money. So why won’t you do it?

By the way, only when you allow other people to see who you are, you can see who has visited your Profile.

This is how you change those settings:
1) On top of a page on LinkedIn, click on “Settings”
 (via the arrow besides your name).
2) Log in again (this is a security check)
3) Scroll down and click 'Select what others see when you've viewed their profile"
4) Choose the setting you prefer

To your success !

Jan and Bert

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