Company Branding Tip for LinkedIn: The Use of Websites in Your LinkedIn Profile

by Jan & Bert

To achieve better branding and visibility results on LinkedIn from a company’s point of view, this is a tip using the “Websites” part in the LinkedIn Profile of all employees of the same company or organization.

As we already mentioned in “How to REALLY use LinkedIn“: don’t use “My company” or “My website”, but “Other” together with words that appeal to the people you want to attract with the particular website.

We advise using the websites on the Profile of the employees of an organization in the following way:

1. Website 1: link to the home page of the website of the organization (for example: using the same key words for all coworkers. Remember to use the “other” function to add these key words.

2. Website 2: link to the job openings page on the website. Or if your organization has a separate website for jobs, link to that one.

3. Website 3: “free” link. This can be used to link to a blog, a personal website, or another web page of the organization. For example a page that relates to the job of the individual. For example: for an account executive for copiers. Also use the key words for finding copiers. This will help the website to reach a higher rank in search engines, and it will make a connection with the expertise or job of the individual.

Remember that every employee is an ambassador or your organization. Even when they don't have much contact with customers, suppliers, partners or other external contacts. Help them to be the best possible ambassador via their LinkedIn Profile by sharing tips like this one.

To your success !

Jan and Bert

PS: more tips about how to use LinkedIn on a company level, can be found in "Chapter 17: How Organizations Can Benefit from LinkedIn (versus Individuals)" of the book "How to REALLY use LinkedIn". You can download it for FREE!

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