Company and Personal Branding Tip for LinkedIn: the Use of Summary

by Jan & Bert

In the book “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” we explained the difference between Summary and Specialties.

In Specialties you use jargon, abbreviations, and “tech talk”.

Use Summary to explain what you do in words that everybody can understand, whatever their background.

This is our advice for building your Summary from a company and personal branding perspective:

1. One paragraph about the organization that is the same for all coworkers. This elevates company branding.
2. One or two paragraphs about the professional expertise of the individual. This helps personal branding.
3. One paragraph describing some personal interests. Let the visitors to your Profile see more than just your resume. People do business with other human beings, not resumes!

To your success !

Jan and Bert

PS: more tips about creating an attractive profile can be found in "Chapter 4: How to Craft an Attractive Profile" of the book "How to REALLY use LinkedIn". You can download it for FREE!

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