LinkedIn Confusion: what does “Top Influencers” mean?

by Jan & Bert

Probably you have seen the functionality: “Top Influencers” on LinkedIn.

(You see this in Groups/Discussions at the right hand side of the page when you scroll down)

Many people wonder what this is and how it works.

The answer: these are the people who started a Discussion which got lots of answers.

So someone could only start one discussion and then be the top influencer for weeks if people keep commenting on it.

Remark: the counter for the top influencers is set to zero every week. As a consequence everybody has the same chances to be the top influencer of that week.

The reason LinkedIn does this is to support people who bring in good content or topics, rather than people who post a lot.

The question still remains whether this is the best way to go.

Us having to write a blog post about this shows that it is not intuitive, what every website should be.


To your success !

Jan and Bert

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