Table of Contents

In case you are wondering what's in the book, here is the short table of contents:

Chapter 1: What is the Value of Networking?
Chapter 2: The Benefits of LinkedIn
Chapter 3: How to REALLY Use LinkedIn: a 5 Step Basic Strategy
Chapter 4: How to Craft an Attractive Profile
Chapter 5: The Fast Way to Build Your Network.
Chapter 6: The Heart of LinkedIn: Groups
Chapter 7: 10 Strategies to Find People Using LinkedIn
Chapter 8: Communicate With Your LinkedIn Network: Inbox & Contacts
Chapter 9: Lead Generation Tools & Visibility Boosters: Applications
Chapter 10: Personal Branding, Raising Your Visibility and Credibility on LinkedIn
Chapter 11: The Power of Combining Online and Offline Networking: Events
Chapter 12: The Heroes of LinkedIn: Group Managers
Chapter 13: Keep Control: Home Page & Settings
Chapter 14: How to REALLY Use LinkedIn to Find New Customers
Chapter 15: How to REALLY Use LinkedIn to Find a New Job
Chapter 16: How to REALLY Use LinkedIn to Find New Employees
Chapter 17: How Organizations Can Benefit from LinkedIn (versus Individuals)
Chapter 18: More Insights: News & Labs
Chapter 19: Answers to Hot Discussion Topics and Burning Questions
Chapter 20: Little Known, But Interesting Features and Behavior of LinkedIn
Chapter 21: Tools to Save You Time When Working with LinkedIn
Appendix A: Other Online Business Networks
Appendix B: Practical Tools