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Hi! I’m Naomi Johnson and I’m passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and sales professionals in the UK and across Europe to grow their business by strategically leveraging the power of LinkedIn. (If you speak Dutch, may I suggest getting in contact with my colleague Harmen Stevens of our Benelux training team).

If you're not convinced that LinkedIn can help your business, why don’t we spend 45 minutes on the phone for a quick LinkedIn Strategy Review Session?

It’s actually much more than a LinkedIn review.

I'll spend the time with you to get ‘under the hood’ of your business and understand exactly how you get your clients and your existing prospecting challenges. I'll then be able to make a clear recommendation as to whether Social Selling would improve results for you right now, later or not at all. 

There’s no charge for this service, and the results are priceless — it’s my EUR125 gift to you for taking action.

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