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Why would you (still) buy the book on paper when you can get the digital version for free?

Well, most people like to read a book that is in their hands! Paper books just feel good in your hands, right? Moreover, lots of people still like to give a printed book as a gift for a birthday or New Year.

Actually we would love to give the printed book away for free as well. But when printing a book, a number of costs are involved: paper, printing, storage, logistics, etc. to name just a few. If we have found a solution for that (when companies want to sponsor it for example), we will let you know!

In the meanwhile, the printed version allows us to help charities because we are donating the 100% of our royalties to them. So when you purchase the printed version for yourself or somebody else, you too are supporting charity.

Below you will find an overview of the current editions, languages and channels the book is available in.

Where can you buy the book?


of the entirely revised version of “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” via your own bookstore or via these online channels:

LanguageCountryISBN number




/ ASIN Code


EnglishNetherlands9789081188661Managementboek.nlEnglishRest of the,,, Amazon.frEnglish (Kindle version),,,,, Amazon.esDutchNetherlands9789081188654Managementboek.nlDutchBelgium9789081188654Bol.comSpanish (edition 1)World9788483227947Amazon.esFrenchWorld9782822400084Amazon.frRussianWorld9785999800947Webshop Infotropic


Contact our team at Really Connect if you want to buy the book in English or Dutch in larger quantities via +32 3 216 27 47 or connect at