Bert Verdonck

Bert VerdonckBert Verdonck is an inspiring, enthusiastic and humorous speaker. He is the master trainer at Networking Coach and also a creative lifehacker.

Bert is an excellent example of the value of networking.

Bert teaches people how to be more comfortable when networking, and how to improve results from networking, whether online (on LinkedIn and other business networks) or offline (receptions, mixers, conferences, fairs, and other networking events).

As well as delivering practical networking training courses and personal coaching, Bert hosts the Networking Coach’s webinars together with Jan.

Bert is the founder of Genius Shortcuts, his personal flavor of lifehacking. Ever imagined what you could do with 2 hours extra per day? Bert already helped thousands of people to boost their productivity and saved them hours per day.

As a lifehacker Bert published 3 books in 1 year. He co-authored Your Book in 100 Days, 175 Lifehacking Tips and The Wealth Garden. He created the Genius Shortcuts CD How to Shorten Your Workday by 2 Hours? And now he teamed up with Jan to co-author the second edition of How to REALLY Use LinkedIn.

In Belgium, Bert is already a prominent lifehacker and networking coach.

Internationally, his reputation is growing rapidly. He has been on stage in the

Netherlands, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.